From the performance ”Radio Barents 111”. Photo: Samovarteateret.
Radio Barents 111

Premiere on February 5th at 19:30
February 6th and 7th at 19:30
February 9th at 20:30
Scene 2

Samovarteateret presents ”Radio Barents 111”, a brand new and highly contemporary performance that will take the audience on an adventure to the end of the world and the heart of Barents.

During the summer of 2010 Samovarteateret sent playwright and director Franzisca Aarflot out on a journey in our nearby border area. Together with her was the recognized Russian film maker Sergey Zhigaltsov, the Sami composer and musician Johan Sara Jr., PHD student Schwenke Fors and the theatre’s ensemble.

The journey led to meetings with people and their stories.
We shared a few moments of their reality.
Reality created fiction and fiction turned into the performance ”Radio Barents 111”.

“Radio Barents 111” is the story about the radio station by the border that broadcasts in five different languages.

In many ways ”Radio Barents 111” is the answer to the dream of cooperation across cultures and borders in the Barents Region. The performance begins with a short interview with the father of the Barents Cooperation – Torvald Stoltenberg. Then the story continues in to a documentarian reality, before moving into the liberating playfulness of the fictional story. Through warmth and humor a multitude of characters are portrayed. In different ways they fight for their dreams – and in a surprising manner they succeed.

The performance is conveyed through film, the use of different languages, music and actors from the Barents Region.

“This is the true story of the journey to the end of the world.
The centre of the world.
The heart of Barents.
We will tell it exactly how it is”
– Quote “Radio Barents 111”

Idea and production: Samovarteateret (NO)
Direction and script: Franzisca Aarflot (NO)
Composer and musician: Johan Sara Jr. (NO/SÁP)
Film maker: Sergey Zhigaltsov (RU)
Performers: Bente S. Andersen (NO), Turid Skoglund (NO), Nikolay Shchetnev (RU), Olga Khalchenko (RU), Johan Sara Jr. (NO/SÁP), Magnus Holm Slettebø (NO), Sergey Zhigaltsov (RU) Patrik Häggström(SV)
Light designer: Niels A. W. Jensen (DEN)
Technicians: Odd Aune (NO), Roman Khoroshilov (RU)
Scenography/costume: Inger A. K. Stephens (NO)
Production assistant: Kathrine Kolgrov
Tour planning Norway: Samovarteateret (NO)
Tour planning Russia: Teater Panova (RU)
Producer: Audhild Andersen

Samovarteateret is a profesional theatre that was established in Kirkenes in 1990 by actor and director Bente S. Andersen. Kirkenes is situated at the heart of the Barents Region, and it is natural for the theatre to gather inspiration and stories from this arctic region. To create new written drama that reflects the time we live in, and the political situation around us is important to the theatre. Samovarteateret works locally, nationally and internationally, and produces 2 – 3 full-length performances each year, that tour in Norway, the Barents Region and in Europe. In 2011 the theatre has nine fulltime employees and a large network of performers, musicians, movie makers, playwrights, technicians and producers that are hired in for the different productions.

Financial contributors to the production:
Finnmark Fylkeskommune
r-Varanger Kommune
Sparebank 1 Nord Norge
Dramatikkens Hus

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