Double Concert
Sold out
21.00. Doors open 20.00

Mujuice (Russia)

Mujuice is one of the cornerstones of today’s Russian music. His last album “Downshifting”, released in 2011, is destined to be seen as a major Russian achievement – for a long time. Mujuice opens a new page in history of pop music with his wild and tender songs about love and pain, youth and death, trains and tower-blocks, and about the world that is going crazy. It is awesome rock, but with termenvox and synthesizers, lasers and alarms, bells and toy guns instead of guitars, and with bass drum that beats right through your heart. It is a new electronic, that all of the sudden becomes a cure for hurt souls. No contra-indications or side effects. Recommended for all ages.
Roma Litvinov – guitar, vocal, sampler, Sasha Kholenko – samplers, synthesizers, Misha Tukalin – samplers, effects, Sasha Chirkin – drums.

Kaizers Orchestra (Norway)

Kaizers Orchestra is so much more than a band: they are a complete experience, a six-headed monster, a well-oiled engine, and a unique music genre!
The band was founded in 2000, right after the members had partied like it was 1999, at a time when people thought the world was going under and stacked canned food in basements and sealed windows in fear of computer breakdowns and killer bees from Australia. Kaizers Orchestra absorbed the anxiety and massive fear of the breakdown of civilizations, blended it with the pounding of empty Norwegian oil barrels, some disharmonic noises and exhausting gypsy rhythms, and just came blasting out of the cellar sounding like nothing else on the planet.
So go on, go get the Kaizer-virus while there is still no antidote, it’s more fun that way!
Janove Ottesen – vocals, Øyvind Storesund – contrabass, Terje Winterstø Røthing – guitar, Helge Risa – pump organ, Rune Solheim – drums, Geir Zahl – guitar.

DJ Mombus plays in Fjellhallen after the double concert is over!
Stay and keep up moving!

Arr: Pikene på Broen.