Thank you for daring to share!

The festival is over and we are a little bit tired, a little bit affected by the cold and very-very happy!
We are glad to thank our dear guests, our incredible volunteers, our fantastic participants and our great partners for unbelievable time during the Barents Spektakel/ Barents Days 2012 festival!

We have set a record in Norway´s largest living picture with 256 participants from the Sør-Varanger community and garrison directed by the North-Korean instructors, gathered 53 symphony musicians to play without conductor, built up the second air field in Kirkenes of snow and ice, sent the World´s Smallest Hotel to its final voyage through the burning ritual, produced the Barents Cross-Cultural Cheese and made the whole world to hold its breath with the music played by the Kum Song Quintet from Pyongyang.
We keep on turning Kirkenes and the world upside down and hope to see you next year Feb 6-10, at Barents Spektakel 2013!